HOSTAL MUNDO NUEVO - Ancud - Chiloé - Chile

Actitvities on Chiloé


Actitvities on Chiloé

Ancud: Ancud is the base for several day trips along the east and west coast. Local fish and shellfish restaurants serve typical dishes from the island.

  • Penguin and sea lion colony Puñihuil: Penguins nest along sea lions, dolphins and aquatic birds on this beautiful secluded beach of Puñihuil.


  • Peninsula Lacuy: Small roads lead to fishing villages and deserted beaches. Farmers live next to the waterfront where they live from what the sea and the land offer.
  • Bird sanctuary Caulin: A wide variety of land and aquatic birds nest in this bay. In wintertime flamingos come from the north of Chile in this tranquil place.

Castro: After the earthquake of 1960 the typical stilt houses were rebuilt on top of a wide estuary that forms the city of Castro. Wooden boat builders still work like centuries ago. It was the same boat builders that constructed the famous wooden churches that are now protected by the UNESCO.