Myths of Chiloé

The separation of Chiloé from the mainland has created a uniqueness about the island. This can be seen in its architecture - many of the houses are built on stilts right at the water’s edge and the UNESCO heritage wooden churches are quiet different from those on the mainland. The legend and myths still form part of the unique life of the island people.

Visitors beware when walking in Chiloé’s forests. There lives a small ugly man known as El Trauco, who can hypnotize girls, leading them into the forest ...from which they return pregnant. There is just one trick to protect yourself... But be warned, not only the women have to be careful...

At sunrise you may see a beautiful blond girl coming out of the sea... but is it really a girl... or is it the famous Pincoya, goddess of the sea?

If you spot a boat looming up on the horizon, with music and a big party going on, again beware! It’s probably theCaleuche, a ship with wizards on it... which can transform itself into a trunk or a rock.